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For Thursday, 9 February

If you haven't already uploaded your 15 page flip through (with at least one "annotation" on our class dojo, please make sure that gets done.

We are also starting to read comics more as mentor texts rather than textbooks. So please,

  1. copy a strategy from another comic--make it your own! (Bring the original to class if you can.) We'll also begin reading Gaylord Phoenix. In order to gain some background information please,

  2. Read/Watch Intro to Gaylord Phoenix and your assigned reading for your group. (You can find your group on the class dojo)

  3. Come to class with drawing/something to share about your “text”

  4. AND THEN Read Gaylord Phoenix pages 8ish to 82ish

  5. Create a strip (1, 2, or 3 “squares”) your group is the same for this activity as well!

    1. DISCUSSION creates a 3-thought-provoking-question comic for the purpose of group discussion.

    2. RESEARCHER creates a comic involving outside research the student deems relevant or important. This research might be primary source information from the author. It could also be from a book review. But it can also be from informal and formal articles about topics or ideas in the book. (Please remember to give credit where credit is due.)

    3. SKILLS HIGHLIGHTER creates a comic that explains a skill or strategy the author/artist used and some ideas on how another artist might use that skill or strategy.

    4. RHETORICIAN creates a comic surrounding an “argument” or “question(s)” the reading elicits. The comic, in and of itself should create a kind of argument or line of questions/reflections. Connections to other world events, media, or personal experiences are highly encouraged.

    5. REMIXER creates a comic about the lived experience of the student but in the style of a page from the book. Try to copy the style, forms, strategies, colors, etc. as close as possible, but make it your own with your own content and flair.

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