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Weekend Mission #2

This weekend, head to the Kimbell Art Museum. Take your comp book (or sketch book) to the (free) gallery at the Kimbell Art Museum, and make some sketches of "The Torment of St. Anthony" by Michelangelo. Feel free to use your own artistic/comic style, medium, etc, focusing on whatever details your eye finds. It's not so much a copy as it is an interpretation; you can even insert a version of yourself into your sketch as a monster or the tormented, or both! Later you might create your own version of the complete painting, but today, try to fill some pages with lots of sketches. Snap a selfie of you at the museum and upload it on our class dojo.

You can borrow a stool at the information desk, but the painting is a little small, so you might need to sketch standing. Also, museums typically only allow you to use pencils, not pens or other "wet" or "dusty" materials.

Bonus Mission available!

Museum Hours:

Tuesday 10 am–5 pm

Wednesday 10 am–5 pm

Thursday 10 am–5 pm

Friday Noon–8 pm

Saturday 10 am–5 pm

Sunday Noon–5 pm

Monday Closed

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