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Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well!!


I have limited resources, but if you need anything, please let me know-- eight zero one eight five nine eight three six zero

I've updated the schedule. Please take a look at that. We'll be relying on the forum here as our main platform for our "distance learning." A few key things:

1. Your health and safety should be your top priority. Please put that first, and your coursework (especially CRW3311) after that.

2. I won't be meeting face to face with you for a final conference like I had planned. We'll schedule some video conferences, instead, in the weeks ahead--taking into account that we don't all have equal access to the internet and webcams. This also means that I won't be checking your comp book.

3. Because we are relying on the forum now, it's important to log in and write quality comments on poems when you get the opportunity. It's also important to get your own poems up for others to comment on ASAP.

4. In lieu of turning in a revised poem and your "5%" you'll be creating some kind of "final portfolio" digitally--linked on the forum. At bare minimum this should include a reflection on your poetic journey. (I can hear the questions now! "What is 'required' for the final portfolio?" I trust that by now, you can figure that out and continue to impress and surprise me with your intellect and creativity. I hope, too, that you understand that while I may not have known what a final project should have looked like before, now that we are under these new constraints, I really can't say what that looks like for each of you. "Do your best--forget the rest." 5. Be safe, young poets!! I'll try to be on the forum a lot more now that we are physically distancing. I'd like to conference with as many of you as is possible in the remaining weeks. Look for an upcoming post about that

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