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For Wednesday, please read the introduction to Nepantla: an Anthology: Queer Poets of Color by Christopher Soto.

Also read Section 2 of Sacrilegion by L. Lamar Wilson Pages 9 - 17.

x-page either of these

Don't forget to bring a copy of at least 20 lines of a new original poem.

Nepantla Intro
Download PDF • 961KB

For your jigsaw, you'll be reading a poem. On your four index cards, instead of quoting, you'll want to jot down some ideas on what strategies the poet is using, and how these highlight different areas of discussion from this term.

A: "Boy with Thorn" by Rickey Laurentiis

B: "Lick my Butt" by Justin Chin

C: “Catching Copper” by Natalie Diaz

Boy With Thorn - Laurentiis
Download PDF • 449KB

"Lick my Butt" by Justin Chin (scroll down)

"Catching Copper" by Natalie Diaz

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