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More poetry!

For Monday, February 14, please read Section 3 of Sacrilegion by L. Lamar Wilson, pages 19-31, and create an X-page

Also watch this video in preparation for your own poetry zine due soon.

“How to Make a Zine” by Rona Akbari

For our jigsaw discussion, please create 4 notecards on your reading with a strategy on one side and a quote on the other.

A: “The Cure for What Ails You” by Cameron Awkward Rich from Nepantla

B: “I Dream of Horses Eating Cops” by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza from Nepantla

C: “excerpt from A Song of Someplace Yet to Fall ” by Ryka Aoki from Nepantla PDF

A Song of Someplace Yet to Fall
Download PDF • 456KB

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