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Link to your portfolio

Comment below with a link to your portfolio and a brief summary of your track and work!

Write about your thesis statement

How does it address Acheson's three essential questions? Which does it address most strongly or are you most excited about? What...

Today's terms

Choose a couple of terms from today's assignment. Compare/contrast. How are they connected and distinct?

Episode 3

What terms from Pope can/could you apply to episode 3?

Lexicon 212-216

What term from the reading selection stood out to you as especially important or interesting?

Episode 2

What connections are you starting to make in episode 2? These could be text to self connections, text to other text connections, or text...

Pope- "Contemporary Approaches"

Which "contemporary approach" or critical theory was most attractive to you? How does it fit with your career/life goals/interests/etc.?...

Notice, Pattern, Contrast, Feeling

Create a blog post that uses Pope's 4 step analytical process about one thing from Episode 1 of the S-town podcast. Keep it brief but...


Compare and contrast Pope's view of "Englishes" with the video you watched. Be personal--make an argument. Bonus points if you use a quote.

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