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In order to stave off procrastination and increase the likelihood of creating revised and polished final drafts, students are required to email a 1,000 word draft of the final paper to me by Tuesday, December 3, 11am.

This should not be an onerous task as final portfolios (including a 76 word lexicon with definitions and examples, a 25 source reading list, and all drafts, annotations, responses, etc.) are due Monday, December 9 by 11 am.

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Example portfolios

You can see some of the portfolios from my previous students by following this link https://matwenzel.wixsite.com/intro/post/portfolios


https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Us3GCnNe7no7y-nrokiGhkMY6dS90mnYy5Ozh64tjo0/edit?usp=sharing https://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/cfp/2019/04/05/riverdale-a-land-of-contrasts

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