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Syllabus changes!

We will be meeting at the Sweet Shop on Tuesday. We will still hold the regularly scheduled workshops (Juliana, Story, and Isabella), but due to low attendance, if you do not attend the workshop, you must email (through Canvas) notes to the 3 participants and cc me.

The presentations that were due that day are postponed. Julie--Nov 27. Felicia--Nov 29. Jake--Dec 4.

All other deadlines are still in place. Remember to share your workshop work on Canvas. Email final assignments to with an appropriate subject line. Also upload them on your portfolio. (Don't forget your lexicon!! and reading list!!! these should be posted in your portfolio by Dec 10!) NOTE! The syllabus states that you should make an appointment to discuss your final paper with me! Using office hours is a vital part of being an English major as there isn't always time to fully discuss your individual work in class. While we do discuss work during workshops, talking individually about your work can really help. Many of you have already taken advantage of this. Not making an appointment will not directly affect your grade, but meeting to discuss your paper can almost only help increase your grade on your final paper. To schedule an appointment, just email me with some possible times. I am on campus Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Fridays. I will also come to campus on Wednesday to meet with you. I usually need more than 24 hours notice outside of my normal office hours on Tuesday, but you can usually catch me on a Thursday right after class for last-minute appointments. Happy break everyone! Don't forget to cast a critical eye on the media, literature, and culture surrounding this American holiday ;) !

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