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Tuesday in class you will be presenting your final campaign. Make sure this is all publicly accessible, no passwords, no logins, no two-step verifications. Make sure to highlight your "about me," positionality, inspiration/mentor text, remediation of your research/multi-platform (or genre).

Then, please

  1. Find your final reflection Google Form that was emailed to you when you filled it out in class on Thursday. (

  2. Forward the email to

  3. Change the subject to: Final Portfolio (SEC NUMBER )

  4. Begin your email with a salutation

  5. Paste the link to your working google doc into the email

    1. MAKE SURE “Anyone with the link” is selected AND the role is changed to EDITOR

  6. Include a link to your final campaign/landing page

  7. Include what grade you deserve in the class

  8. If you want some kind of feedback from me, include specific questions.

  9. Include a closing

I will enter your grades in the order I receive these emails.

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