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TCU Inclement Weather Policy

“When the university is closed due to inclement weather, all academic instruction and activities, online or in-person, on or off campus, will cease until the university officially reopens. Since there is no guarantee of the ability to communicate or access academic resources, students will not be expected to attend class online, submit assignments, take exams or meet any scheduled deadlines during the closure.

Students engaged in clinical rotations, internships or other offsite required activities should communicate directly with their instructors or administrators to work out details when there is a scheduling conflict with TCU’s emergency preparedness plan. In the event of an issue, your safety is our primary concern.

When classes resume, faculty will inform students of adjusted course expectations and deadlines to make sure course learning objectives are met. Any make-up time will take place during the scheduled class time or through out-of-class activities.”

  • More information is always available at under Faculty Resources – FAQs:

  • If you do not see your question answered in the FAQs, email your question to

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