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MENTOR TEXT - Where I'm From

One way we can learn from mentors is to try to imitate them as closely as possible. Poetry can serve this method well because of the unique structures of poetry and, often, because of its brevity.

"Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon has become a mentor text widely, even recently imitated by Kwame Alexander and listeners of NPR's "Morning Edition"

Jay Z has a song with the same title, and it employs a similar mode/refrain.

There's a country song too, by Jason Michael Carroll.

Write your own "Where I'm From" after the George Ella Lyon poem. Imitate it as closely as possible while still making it your own. Or use another "Where I'm From" mentor text of your own choosing. Type up your draft in your working document

Where I'm From by George Ella Lyons
Download PDF • 12KB


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