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Help with Research/Inquiry

If you have never written a "research paper" before or used a journal database, you should strongly consider signing up for one of these workshops offered by the library.

Evaluating Credibility of Resources

Tired of questionable sources in student bibliographies? We know students struggle to find reliable resources. In this workshop, students will learn to how to determine credibility by examining the authority, bias, accuracy, and purpose of information sources. Participants will practice evaluating websites, articles, images, and videos.

Research Skills for Success

Is Google the only research tool your students will use? Are they having trouble developing good research questions and knowing where to start their investigation? In this workshop, students will learn how to formulate good research questions, narrow or broaden their topic as needed, and identify good starting points to find information

Below is the schedule for the Spring, and registration is now open. If there is enough demand, additional dates may be added after Spring Break.


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