The first assignment in 2135 is a personal narrative. In no less than 1000 words, the student will tell the story of an encounter with a meaningful text within a community where they feel/felt accepted and heard. This should be a community they either currently belong to or have belonged to in the past. Using concepts from the readings and their own observations, students will present a coherent examination of the way the text is an example of a genre in that community and the way that genre operates in the discourse community to which they have a personal connection. 

This assignment should be focused on a community that is familiar, important, and interesting to you. For example, a student who is active in the university student government might examine the ways in which this group interacts with genres such as promotional flyers, meeting agendas, sidewalk chalk announcements, and Facebook posts, or a student in the school of business might consider the nuanced differences among briefs, memos, reports, and proposals and how they support and maintain the work of businesses.
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