The second writing assignment is the largest assignment of the semester. In order to facilitate the process of drafting this large assignment, several short assignments will lead up to the complete project. You will conduct an interview with someone who is part of a community you are gravitating toward being a part of. You will conduct research of scholarly work to help establish your own knowledge and credibility. You will also write a summary of this research. 
The bulk of your research paper will be your own "on-the-ground" research of your community, and detailed analyses of the texts/genres you find there. You will examine the community’s genre practices, the texts which define/shape the members, and how those texts and genres reflect or reinforce the identity, values, and practices of the community. 
Examples of communities might include disciplinary communities, local clubs or organizations, social workers, anthropologists, entomologists, Broadway enthusiasts, gamers, Tumblr fandoms, religious organizations, health food enthusiasts, cancer survivors, etc. The possibilities are limitless, but it is critical for students to choose a topic in which they have a vested interest.

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