BLOG POST #1 - I Once Was Miss America

June 25, 2018


Please read Roxane Gay's text I Once Was Miss America and write a response.


Please read this text closely and more than one time. This is one of our two "mentor" texts, so we will be referring back to it frequently. It also serves as guidance for how to craft your first major project. Then write a response to the reading. This is your own unique perspective on the effect the piece had on you as a reader and what place you think it has within the communities you are in and adjacent to.


(We will employ other reading strategies for the other blogs, but this one should, again, be read carefully.)


1. You should write your response in a Word document and save it.

2. Your response should be between 200 and 500 words.

3. This will be a published post--only include thoughts and statements that you wish to be part of our classroom community and the larger online community. Please respect the Civility Clause described in our syllabus.

4. You will create your own blog on the first day of class and then you will link to your blog in the comments below. YOU CAN STILL READ AND RESPOND BEFORE YOU HAVE A BLOG. Then, once you set up a blog, you can just copy, paste, and link!

5. When you do link--make sure you include YOUR NAME, a brief description/hook for your post, and copy and paste the link to your specific post (not just your blog).

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