Sephora's Log

June 28, 2018

We started the class how we always start it, with index cards. On the index cards we wrote about the community that we belong to and the community that we wanted to be a part of.


Mat then explains about the mini presentations and how they help us identify different texts. Before we started the mini presentations, Mat went over some things that pertained to the narrative. He explained what a “narrative” was and how to write one.


After explaining the narrative to us, Skyler and Cameryn did their mini presentations.


After the mini presentations, people still had questions on the narrative, so Mat went in more detail on it. He explained how to utilize our journey as a narrative thread.


We went over people’s proposals for their projects. After someone’s proposal was done, Mat made us ask questions to help them refine their proposals.


We only got through a few people, and the rest would go on Monday. After the proposals we were dismissed.

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