Jessica and Cameron's Log

July 11, 2018



The class began with filling out our index cards about our community and reading the log from the previous class.


Mat proceeded to advise us that it is necessary to review the syllabus and make sure we are keeping up to date with our assignments, as well as reciting what our research project should entail and how long it should be.


Mat then gave us a small 20-minute mini lesson on how to post things on our Wix website, helping us each individually, even though the majority of us were still slightly confused.


He then reviewed that all of our turned-in papers should be in MLA format and Mat showed us the Purdue Online Writing Lab which gave us a sample paper on how to correctly format our papers for the future. But, Mat instructed us that only the e-mailed papers should be in MLA format, not the ones we post on our Wix website.


Mat then discussed that our grades will be posted on Canvas, but will most likely be left blank until the end of the course. As well that our personal profiles will be due the next day and what our profile should include, and that we are able to resubmit our research proposal & narrative if it did not fit the criteria Mat is looking for. 





Mat guided us through Purdue Owl and discussed the right way to use MLA format. Some rules to follow include always using double space, adding a header with your last name and page number. Next Jessica and Ryan shared their presentations. Jessica’s presented Beyonce’s music video, Hold Up. This music video reveals empowerment by illustrating her floating in the water; this symbolized her being controlled by outside forces. The poetry at the beginning of the music video is different and acts as a monologue to the rest of the video. Her message throughout the video is similar to the tradition of rap to say that you are the best. Ryan presented a scene from friends which revealed false expectations of woman while presenting the beginning/ acceptance of porn in media which represents a change in society and an introduction of the internet. These scenes can in a sense act as a timeline. Mat then gave Chelsea’s group time to discuss the community profile of the Habitat Mentor Text. A mentor text was defined as a text that is used to teach us something. WE ARE NOT MEETING IN THE CLASSROOM TOMORROW. We are meeting at Strozier Library!!!! Thursday we are having a presenter in class.

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