Ernesto and Luke's Log

July 12, 2018



We met at Strozier library today. We met the library director, Mike, and he showed us how to check out books and other things we could check out like laptops and chargers. He showed us the library’s website that we can use for research and gave us tips on credibility of sources that we use. Mike also said that every book and article in the library is checked for credibility so that researchers can trust the information they get from it. We were shown how RefWorks can be used to view articles that we have saved, and put them into folders and create bibliographies. Mike also showed us how to use different search databases like Academic Search Complete, to find peer-reviewed articles for our papers.




After showing us the databases, Mike let the class look up our own information based on our research topics.


At that time, Mat clarified to the class that Blog #7 will be due on Monday at 6 a.m. Mat also made it clear that if any of us received a 60% on our research proposal, the grade can go up to a 100% with revision. All of our work will be graded at the very end of the 6 weeks as a final portfolio, which will be posted on Wix.


Mike and Mat walked around and helped students while everyone searched for sources and ideas for our upcoming annotated bibliography assignment.


After, Mike emphasized that on the Academic Search Complete Database, keeping the words broad and utilizing the “And”, “Or”, and “Not” feature is very important.


Next, Mike showed the class FSU’s version of the Academic Search Database. This can be found on the top right part of the screen, beneath the search bar, called “OneSearch”.


Shortly after, class was dismissed, and Mat answered questions in the tutoring area of the library.

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