Cameryn and Jared's Log

July 19, 2018

Cameryn J



The class began with filling out our index cards about our texts for project 2.  Mat informed us that conferences and start tomorrow and there will be no class until Thursday. We signed up for conferences and Mat informed us that we need to have plan for our research project and at least 1,000 words available for revision and commentary at our conference.


Next, Mat went over Project 1 and informed us he’s half way grading them and that so far no one received a grade lower than a 70%, which would require revision. He went over the Revision plan and told us about the ways to kindly and professionally email him our assignments and said it’s important to include a subject line. Mat told us we must make an appointment at the Reading-Writing Center and showed us how to make one. This is an important part of the revision process.


Mat then told us to take important notes concerning grammar, although grammar isn’t supposed to be taught in college. He told us what not to include in your Project 1 paper (grammar wise) and finally slammed the door on talking about the personal narrative, unless it’s in office hours.





Mat had us write sample texts for our own class on our notecards. A majority of us found that the most useful texts would be Mat’s wix-site and the syllabus. Mat argued that he would consider our mini-genre presentations and conferences before he wrote about other texts.


Next, we redefined the word text as anything that communicates a message, using his outfit as an example.


To wrap up his advice on Part 2, Mat implored us to utilize the sources he has supplied online to help guide us in our writing and recommended that we keep the sections of writing in the same order that they are listed in the syllabus.


Next, Ernesto presented his non-traditional text; choosing to discuss a parody of the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer” called “I Know That You’ll Miss Obama.” He defined the genre as a youtube video, and the subgenre as a comedy video, then a parody video.

Then, Raghib presented his video, an SNL skit about Kanye West’s recent twitter drama. He defined the genre as a SNL skit, and the subgenre as a SNL Kanye Skit.


We then moved to talk about our Annotated Bibliographies. Mat wanted Skyler’s group to discuss their topic; however, due to time constraints he decided to scrap the mini-group presentations, giving Emily’s group extra credit for their previous presentation. He then took over the discussion, starting by asking the class what the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography is. We said that it tells how we use the sources in our writings, shows the focus of our research, and helps analyze the credibility of each individual source. Mat made sure to clarify that Annotated Bibliographies are NOT SUMMARIES.


On an unrelated note, Mat realized we had not completed the plagiarism workshop.


Mat then asked us how we plan to utilize our peer-reviewed sources in our essay. Some of the ways we could use our sources are to quote the author, to add clarifying background information, or to bring statistics into your report.


Finally, Mat taught the class about in-text citations, utilizing the Purdue OWL MLA tool. Saying PARAPHRASING IS STILL PLAGIARIZING and INSTRUCTORS HATE BLOCK QUOTES.

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