Nich and JD's Log

July 23, 2018



Mat greeted the class as per usual. The index card today asked us to put down our three possible genres for project 3 and asked why we should do 2 or 3 genres. He said we are ‘sorta’ done with this class, with project 2 being due tomorrow. WORK ON IT TODAY! There will luckily be a workshop at the Sweetshop at 9:45am, pretty liberal with the times though. More presentations will happen today since people were skipped or absent. Mat is also moving the later dates up for extra credit; it turn, he would cancel a class. We then took a vocal vote where THURSDAY (7/26) WAS CANCELED.


First the presentations will occur then Mat will discuss project 3. JD presented the School of Management skit from The Office. He asked what a mockumentary is like, expanding on the video which poked fun at “real life”. I followed with a scene from The Marvelous Ms. Maisel where she finds her voice in stand-up comedy. Parker presented a meme from The Office where Oscar was told that “mexicanness is what defines you”.

We started discussing the structure of project 2. Mat went to his past class page to show us where to find examples. Hannah Smith’s project started with a personal narrative then a text analysis which Mat told us to improve. If you include a picture, analyze the visual rhetoric in depth. He also showed us her project 3.

Works cited is different from the bibliography. Bibliography is a list of sources (used in the paper or not). He recommends works cited first, bibliography following





We continued going over Project 2, looking at examples from previous classes, Mat informed us we shouldn’t use all of our research in our paper and we need to not only include a works cited but our bibliography as well.


We then moved on to talk about Project 3, Mat told us it is important that we use real genres and real texts that our actually used.


We shared our Project 3 ideas with each other.


We went on to talk about our elevator pitch due to present on Monday. Should be exactly one minute. Selling three genre campaign to the class.


We are allowed to record our elevator pitch but we still have to show it in front of the class.

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