Maddie and Max's Log

July 25, 2018



  • We first did notecards, then Mat explained to us that he hadn't put up the blog post for today up until early this morning, so we were allowed to post of blogs to the class page during class.

  • We then read other peoples blog post and commented on at least 2 of them on our opinions and ideas on their writings. After that we read the blog from yesterday.

  • Mat explains that he hasn't graded the project 2 papers, but he is working on it, and if you want yours graded now, go to his office hours, but not today.

  • We then turned to our neighbors and talked about our “3 essentials to an elevator pitch”. Mat then explained that while many pitches have stuff in common, they are all very different as well, and they all strive to do different things. He also says that one way to understand how to write the pitch, is to look at others. We then included many essentials of a pitch which included clear, brief, and persuasive. We then talked what should be included in your pitch such as, a brief description of your community, goal of your project, the project importance to you, and why the project should matter to the audience. Mat then tried to pull up examples from past classes of what not to do, but the links were not working.

  • Becca presented her mini presentation which was the Kmart Ship My Pants commercial.

  • I then presented my mini presentation of the Friends clip of Rachel hiring Tag.





The classed watched as Maddie presented a video of a scene from friends. In the video Rachel, one of the main characters, hires an assistant because of his good looks rather than having someone who is qualified for the job. Mat explains how the video is displaying reverse sexism because rather than a man hiring a woman because of her physical looks it is the other way around.


After the presentation Mat went on to explain how to make a campaign. He used the Google Maps account on Twitter as an example to show the class. Mat explained the need for an intriguing header to draw the audience’s attention. We class had a brief discussion on Google Maps vs the rest of the navigational apps and then went back to reviewing the design of the Twitter account.


Mat then introduced a video called Homeward Bound and asked the class to pull out their index cards and write some of the things they found interesting. The video was very emotional and told a warm story. The main speaker in the video explained how Google Maps gave him the opportunity to return to where he was born and find his family. The class continued to analyze the images and discuss the purpose of the video being created.

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