Ryan's Log

July 25, 2018

Mat explained that we are only going to stick to doing only 10 logs. For the blog on “Assembling a multigenre project” Mat explained that we must go on to out people’s blogs and comment on their posts. Your paper has to have text analysis and Research summary but don’t have to by emailed to mat but must be posted on your blog. These pieces are different for everyone due to how you developed your argument and how you used your text in your second paper.


One previous student made a minecraft FSU world and posted it on reddit and it got ranked very highly, he said this to explain that our projects don’t have to go viral but we must read the Wikipedia page and respond on what we got from that page.

We will be having a lab day on the 31, at least have 1 genre for the lab day. Remediation pitch is based on your project 3. For your pitch don’t give away all your ideas but make sure people know how you are going to get your ideas across.


Everything is due august 5th.

When we present our project we should be presenting in a meaningful way. Try not to have a basic presentation because mat won’t like it. Don’t just present your 3 genres but present the thought processes behind the three of them. Make sure to look on the website for the questions to guide you on your presentations. Should try to answer as many of the questions as possible. We then took time to discuss how our third project was going with our neighbors.


Brandon then presented a video called Mind your own F king Business. This video was really funny and how it’s mocking how people are rude when they are biased against people that are like them. The video was set up like a prescription drug commercial. Mat explains how you shouldn’t always mind your own business and talks about how his parents were when he was growing up.


Max then goes up to present his Trump meme. He talks about how since trump proposed the wall there have been many Mexican jokes. He says the meme is offensive to Mexicans and trump supporters. He got this from a website called Racistmemes.com. Conversations went around on whether or not this meme is racist or not.


Jacob presented their snl skit on amazon echo. This video described how older people have trouble with technology. Talked about how older people cant hear or ramble on about stories so that’s why it had the “Uh huh” feature. We then discussed if ageism is a problem in America.


Maddie presented her music video Freedom by Pharrell Williams. This video showed people being oppressed and then for the second half it showed people doing things that are “Free.” IF you believe that everyone has equal access to freedom then you are dumb because it’s the farthest from that in the US.

After the presentations we reminded mat about our topics for project 2.


Then we had 4 minutes to try to come up with a genre for each letter of the alphabet and then after the 4 minutes passed we discussed all the genres. Then in our groups we are assigned a topic and 3 genres and we have to explain how we would make and present these genres.

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