Brandon's Log

July 30, 2018

On Monday we started class with discussing more of project 3 and what we will do throughout the week regarding presentations as well as going over final grades and grades on project 2. It was stated that there was no class on Monday. Matt then told us about our reflections and said they are like introspections of your own thoughts and that this is the place to write any notes or thoughts on the class. We were shown an example of a past student’s reflection and told not to be basic.


Alexis presented his mini genre which was a video of the tonight show of a Donald Trump skit. The video may be offensive to Trump supporters and politics as well as Trump himself because it mocks Trumps ideas and image making him look immature. The video came out around the same time as elections to mock the elections. A while after the video had come out Jimmy Fallon made a remark stating he regrets ever making the videos.


Class followed with Max reading the log for the past class and we went straight into practicing for our pitches for a brief period. Matt then asked for any volunteers before deciding at random who would go. The pitches then went in the order of:

  • Madi: Process of getting hired at an electric company.

  • Cameron J: Video didn’t work the first or second time. Being vegan and the health benefits, genres are an Instagram account and written resource.

  • Jake: Genre is a flyer showed perks of working for computer science company, deals with interviews.

  • Jessica: LGBT community became interest due to brother’s involvement, contribute by putting flyers around campus with social media page links and positive messages.

  • Alexander: Fitness?

  • JD: Went from playing football in high school to playing football at FSU, chose a poster to get more people to come to the games. Twitter account and twitter post.

  • Rebecca: Chose a poster for genre because it is versatile and can be in many locations. Why you should get CPU certified and importance of classes to create a message about how they can be more effective.

  • Cameron: Genre involves an Instagram account.

  • Chelsea: FSU school of theatre, genre is a flyer for incoming students with resources linking to alumni and current students to give information.

  • Luke: Workout routines (switching up routines look to YouTube) flyers around campus and Instagram account more knowledge about gym leads to happy/ healthy life.

  • Max: Fraternity, twitter account to display flyer and physical flyer.

  • Ryan: Internships in engineering, career center STEM career fair for internships 3 genres info about event twitter page, promotional flyers.

  • Alexis: Athletic training major, public picture on Instagram on information regarding subject.

  • Nich: Proposal to club twitter polls.

  • Emily: CARE club that helps certain students, vision board, infographic statistics.

  • Sephora: crocheting for a cause.

  • Jared: Music productions, anything put on a stage.

  • Brandon: police investigations, Instagram account regarding a more positive relationship between the community and department.

  • Parker: astro physics genres to relate project to real world create a picto chart Instagram account both regarding info on subject.

  • Ernesto: Email group coordinator, flyer advertising meeting time and dates, make info about them more easily accessible.

  • Nick: Marching chiefs, posters and flyers, Instagram account bio and sections summer C band concert videos, inspire more members to try and join.

  • Jack: skydiving 3 genres film of a jump, poster on campus for people who would want to join the community.

  • Ernesto: Getting into the film school at FSU such a small number of admissions, flyers to post around hall and video on twitter page to help people interested in joining.

  • Skyler: Charge club, want to be healthier, video of a protein smoothie to make, message to friend thanking them for introducing them to club.

  • Raghib: exploratory department, Instagram account post about workshop and events happening the rest of the year names and contact info for advisors.

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