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January 28, 2019 







BBG Chapter 2 podcast was due

Index card: What is a narrative?

Discussed the guidelines of the Personal Narrative in the syllabus

Went over the piktochart

  • Don’t tell your life story, write about that moment and focus on your text

Revised Shitty First Drafts due on Monday (01/28/19)

Sign up for conferences!
Read “Shitty First Drafts” and create podcast due Friday (01/25/19)

Mat gave advice about the narrative (Use the pronoun I, write for real people!)
No more 5-paragraph essays



The class played a game called “Scar and Tell” where we tell our personal stories about our body scars, and the best story gets a prize.


Went over strategies of writing a personal narrative.

1.    Catch or Lead

2.    Start at the action

3.    Sensory Details

4.    Dialogue

5.    Personal details

6.    Interior Monologue

7.    Complicated Conclusion

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